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Where Adoptive Families Can Turn for Support

kendy sitting on a couch with two children either side. everyone is smiling.
Kendy, center, with children.

Kendy Finds the Tools to Thrive

Kendy, is an adoptive mother using ESVT Post Permanency Services for almost 10 years. Her support person, Jill, helps her family to access and navigate resources. “Jill’s been my lifeline,” says Kendy.

Adopting a child comes with many rewards. But the process is not without challenges. Kendy is so appreciative of Easterseals Vermont’s Post Permanency Services. Her support person, Jill, has been there for all her ups and downs, providing one-on-one support, answering questions, and helping her connect to resources.

Today, Kendy can’t imagine a life without Jill’s caring support and the valuable services the Post Permanency program provides. Jill is the one person who ties it all together,” says Kendy.